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Highlight, Halftone and Shadow

<< Location: London Docklands >>

Emily has no interest in winter sports. As her friends recount their stories of their recent trip to Grindelwald, she  steps forward to announce the reason they've all gathered...
Charred cedar and black oxide steel combined with finely crafted metalwork
Sunrise coffee morning. A study in light, texture and  movement
Moroccan handmade wall tiles are a backdrop to a contemporary soaking bath
A sunlit wintergarden is home to giant tropical plants
Light and drama permeate the deep interiors

New urban interiors draw on their location's distinct industrial heritage. Visuals demonstrate how a strong singular design approach can be instilled at differing scales - from a grand arrival experience to a bespoke, carefully crafted door handle that's moulded to the touch. A composition of charred wood and brushed copper surfaces bring light and drama to an open-plan social space that wraps around a sunlit garden room.

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